Editing a Plugin Event

The DSC alarm plugin on Vera doesn’t support pin-less disarm, and currently HR sends the disarm command to Vera without a pincode so disarming fails. Is there anyway I can change the command sent to the Vera to include my pincode so that disarming is successful? Would this be the best route to getting my alarm panel to disarm, or would I have to create my own Event?

Use a Plugin to send the disarm command. You can hardcode your pin in the URL if you want. You can still use the Home Remote’s Vera integration alongside your plugin.

Here’s a fairly simple example showing how to send HTTP requests.

Or even better yet, have you looked at this?

Great I got it working very rudimentarily using a simple HTTP plugin I created with the .hrp file you sent.

This set up requires some Vera end config to get working which I will ping the OP for, hopefully can get an elegant and more secure solution working for disarming. Have you ever thought of adding a keypad device type that can trigger events if a correct code is inputted?