Home assistant capabilities overwritten on sync devices

I’ve got Light bulbs setup in Home assistant which are added as switches and missing the support for colour. I can update the capabilities ok which resolves the issue by updating the properties - capabilities to the below. But the next time I sync devices with Home assistant the changes are lost on any devices I’ve updated. Is there anyway to make the changes permanent? As I need to resync quite a bit right now with alot of changes i’m making.


The issue is that Home Assistant no longer uses the SUPPORT_BRIGHTNESS flag for some of its integrations. I need to update the sync routine to not check that flag. I’ll try to fix that in the next release.

I just uploaded Designer version Can you please do a sync & see if it fixes the issue?

It should now check supported_color_modes during the sync to determine the light’s capabilities.

Tested ok with latest designer thank you @bill

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Not uploaded for play store. And i can’t login on home assistant…
Merry christmas :slight_smile:

It was uploaded on the 23rd but still required Google’s review as with every release. I just checked my inbox & it looks like they’ve approved the update. You should be able to download it now. The time it takes for them to review updates varies. Sometimes it’s within hours, sometimes it’s days.