How to use text from a Text Box in a script

I’d like to use http to send a command containing a number that was inputed on the remote using a Text Box.
So far, I know how to trigger a script action using a button that can send the HTTP command (thanks Bill!).
In that script action, I’d like to first pick up the text from the Text box and integrate it into the HTTP command. So how, in the script, can I read the text from the text box into a variable for further use?

I’ve looked on the forum but haven’t found this tidbit so far.
Many thanks!

I’m not sure why you would do this with a ScriptAction. Use standard Data Actions instead. You really should only use ScriptAction when absolutely needed. Attached is an example showing how to send commands using standard actions.
TextBox_Example.hrp (4.4 KB)

That example I shared with you earlier was not using a ScriptAction.

Hi Bill, sorry for the late reply: I’ve just applied your tip from several months ago, thanks!

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@moarteen can you share your final result of how you were able to pick up text from the textbox and integrate it into a command?