JVC Projector Plugin

Here is a functional project and plugin for JVC Projectors.

Commands were obtained from JVC Reference Documentation.

Functionality has been tested on the JVC DLA-NP5 with the Global Cache IP2SL. It should work with other JVC DLA projectors as listed in the attached reference, as well as other IP to Serial Converters. Only the above configuration has been tested, though, so YMMV.

It will not work with direct TCP to the projector as it does not (yet) have the proprietary handshake support that the projector requires.

Revision History
v1.0 - 2022-08-19 (Initial release)
Introduces support for basic controls:


  • Power On/Off
  • Navigation
  • Input Select (HDMI1 & 2)
  • Menu, AdvMenu
  • Hide
  • HDR


  • Power State (On/Off)
  • Transition States/Conditions (Cooling, Warming Up, Error) (fixed and verified in v1.1)

To Do:

  • Implement TCP Handshake for direct network connection support (added in v1.1 - needs testing)

Thanks to Bill for the JVC PoC and HotelFoxtrotNovember for the support and feedback code (borrowed from the Runco plugin).

Useful Tools:

JVC Projector v1.0.hrp (11.3 KB)


v1.1- 2022-08-22

  • Now uses custom attribute called “ProjectorPowerMode” for projector states.
  • Adds more codes (YMMV)
  • Introduces support for direct network connection (untested)
    • Be sure to change NETWORK to “true” and ensure the password configured on the projector is exactly 10 characters and matches the password in the plugin.

(Thanks again to HFN for your help and support).

JVC_1.1.hrp (12.0 KB)

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Attaching a link to the command reference doc for the newer NP5 & NZ7/8/9 projectors.

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@LJR , Thank you so much for this. I’m a newb to HR but have set up my first room successfully. Next project is for the home theater so this is going to come in handy. I’ll report back once I get going.

You’re welcome and thanks for the feedback. If you have any questions along the way, let me know, as that (HT) is what my focus has been exclusively on for the last several years.

I have an RS3100 coming very soon, and I’m looking forward to using this plugin!

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Does anyone know why the PowerOn command doesnot work with this plugin. I checked the command against the JVC manual and the command is correct. I use the same command with a python script and it works.

My apologies…this was my first plugin, and I admit I might not have followed the spec properly.

  • To set the power, bind to .MediaCommand with PowerOn or PowerOff as the commands
  • To get the power status, bind to .Switch with On and Off as the values
  • To get the other states (like “Cooling”, “Warming” or “Error” , bind to .ProjectorPowerMode.

If someone wants to invest the time to “fix this up” or provide some support to help me make it right, that would be awesome. Unfortunately, i have other projects to work on and like they say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it :grinning: .

Hi @Beesh, how are you connected to the JVC, with a Global Cache or directly over IP?

Directly over IP. Everything works except for turning on.

For testing purposes, I modified the plugin where i took away the polling function. and then the ON function started working.

My guess is the polling function adds sometype of delay. But why do all other functions still work. even the arrows to move up, down, right left work.

attached is my hrp file.
JVC.hrp (176.0 KB)

I don’t recall adding a delay in the polling function, other than the frequency of when the plugin should poll. I have noticed, though, that plug-ins can barf if an error is encountered. Also, I trust you have network / remote access / standby turned on, right? (don’t recall the exact name)

Also, what’s the projector model? (this is tested with a DLA-NP5).

I have a nx5. the remote control is awesome. Everything works except i can’t use it to turn it on. Once in a while it works. but mostly I get the error connection refused.

Make sure eco mode is turned off. when on, the pj won’t accept commands in standby.