My Showcase Project

Hi Martyn
I’m in the UK too.
Your project is amazing and I can appreciate how much work you must have put into it. Thanks for sharing!

I use Hubitat as my HA hub and am slowly adding fibaro dimmers to each room as well as Hue buttons & motion sensors plus innr socket switches for lamps, tv, avr etc. . I have just added three iBlind ( Zwave) motors to venetian blinds.

We are in the midst of a whole house renovation so lots more to add.

I have just got into the Home Remote designer & for me its a steep learning curve. I have a samsung tablet available to wall mount. Currently just using my iphone with the basic HR app which I’ve also pulled into my honeywell evohome thermostats.

I love your layout and am definitely inspired.

Would you be able to send me a copy of your pptx file and hrp file please? I’m no programmer but enjoy learning & tinkering and hopefully will end up with something that works for me & with the look & feel of your project.

Thanks :+1:t2:

Hi Steve… I sent you an email :slight_smile:

Hi Martyn! I’m from Brazil. Your project is wonderful!

I will be very greatful if you can share your project with me.


Certainly… and check out the post I just put into the Showcase that shows my recent updates.

Got it, thanks Martyn

playing with the hrp right now :smile:

Awesome job on this!

Really appreciate you sharing. Would it be possible for you to send me the .hrp file?

It would be greatly.appreciated…

Thanks so much.

Great job, Martyn. I’m new to THR and setting to embark on building something similar. Would love to get your ppt file and hrp, if you don’t mind. Would be much appreciated and a great starting point for me. I tried to PM you but I don’t think I have sufficient posts to have that permission.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Stevan… what’s your email address?

Hi Martyn

Great job!
Could you share the .HRP ? (

Woww awnsome work!

Can you share your project plz? :smiley:

All I can say, as so many have already said, “Wow!”. That looks absolutely amazing!

I’m a complete nube to HR and I haven’t even tried to create anything yet. I don’t know if I’m inspired or daunted by your incredible design! Lol!

I’m going to say “inspired”! I can only aspire to be able to create something that good.

Cheers for sharing!

Hi Martyn. Can you share your .hrp file with me? Your work is outstanding and I would really like to reuse your AV controls. My email address is

hello. very nice project. if is it possible to send me too at
Thank you.

Hi Martyn, I really like your project, could you share your HRP with me?

Hi Martyn,

This is really incredible. I wish I had half the ability you have in laying out this design. If you don’t mind, would you be willing to share your hrp file with me? - Thank you and great work!

I feel pretty silly. I know 5 obsolete languages and have written complete million plus line systems and still am having a hard time decoding how you do this on an IPAD. I tried the Home Remote Designer but I can’t even link my RM4 Pro to it. I can change the min splits and control my projector and amp from the IPDA but they are all on different screens. I know this is asking a lot because I am basically a noobie but any direction help would be great. P.S. I have watched the videos for Home Remote Designer and still don’t get something. I just ordered a WI-FI dongle for the computer but I can already see the device IP’s on my router that also has WI-FI.

Hi Martyn,
Excellent work what you did! I wish I could be able to do the same! Could you also send me the HRP file. Thank you very much in advance. (