Pushed Button Highlight

I am sorry to ask such a basic question but I cannot find a simple way to highlight the buttons on my TV control page when they are pushed. I want to replicate the exact same behavior than the Builder simulator (a light grey background as long as the button is pushed).

I have noticed that Bill’s TVDetails.xaml example does behave that way but I could not figure out where that is happening despite having search hard for it.

Which kind of button are you using? Button or ImageButton?

Button has built-in animations & uses the Android ripple, ImageButton does not. ImageButton assumes you’ll provide your own handling. Button can also display images. Depending on what you need, try using the Button control. If you want to use an ImageButton instead, add an IsPressed Property Trigger & use the Setters to highlight the button. Example below will highlight the button Red when pressed.

Hello Bill,

Sorry for my late reply. I am using ImageButton and your suggestion to use the property trigger is pressed works perfectly. Many thanks.