Strange behaviour with Vera import when you have more than one Vera hub


I just created a brand new project and added my Vera login details, as I was looking for this new House Mode tile. Found that now its called “Mode” and seems to work.

However on this new project it has create three Vera instances which I expected as I have a test Vera Edge with a few virtual devices on it.

I then have my main production Vera Plus with all my “live” devices and scenes.

Then I have a new Vera Atom V2 hub which I am beta testing. This is a brand new RTOS firmware architecture from the older Vera hubs, so I wan’t expecting Home Remote to find this Atom hub at all, but it is a hub within my existing Vera user account.

All three Vera instances are showing the same devices. The devices shown in the above screen shot are devices from my test Vera Edge hub, this is the first device in the screen shot.

The middle device is my production Vera Plus, I can tell which is which by their serial numbers. I tried syncing devices again on the Vera Plus but it is not importing my devices and scenes that are actually on this hub.

The last Vera instance is the beta Vera (Ezlo) Atom hub. That device has two Everspring Z-Wave devices paired to it and they are not showing which I expected because of the new RTOS firmware architecture. However for some reason like the Vera Plus its showing copies of devices from my test Vera Edge.

In my original project I am working on, I didn’t have the Atom at that time when I created it. And at that time it imported all my “live” devices and scenes from my main Vera Plus production hub OK. However I was also on a much older version of the designer app.

This will be fixed in the next 3.6.0 release. The problem is that it’s assigning the same name to the controllers “Vera”. Certain parameter like the IP address are cached based on the name. So they are all sharing the same cache & that’s why they are generating the same devices. Assigning a unique name to each of them & re-syncing should fix the issue for you now.

OK Bill thanks that’s great.

My current project does not have this problem.

It was just a brand new project I created and added Vera in to as a test.

So not affecting me currently, but it will if other Vera users start trying to use the Home Remote.

Had a bit of interest on the thread about Home Remote on the Vera forums !

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The other temporary work around for the next day or 2, until 3.6.0 is posted, would be to add the controllers over cellular data & force a remote connection. I think it’s the local IP address cache that’s currently triggering the issue.

And it’s the Name too, not DisplayName, in case there’s some confusion. The Name cannot be edited in the apps. The apps only show the DisplayName & changing that won’t fix the issue.