Tuyas and new device

Hello Bill,

Is it possible that a Tuya (smartlife) device is not understood by HR ?
I just added a device in Tuya for Aromatherapy.

It is functional in Wifi but it is not visible in HR.

I did a device refresh, I also deleted Tuya in HR and then added it, but the Aromatherapy is still not visible.

Thanks Bill

I tried to make a Tuya device in HR indicating the real ID of Aromatherapy. But it doesn’t work. Probably the device is not considered to be a switch or something regular.

The Home Remote will include every device that is in the Tuya JSON. If a device wasn’t generated, then it’s not there. This is no surprise to me. From what I’ve been seeing it appears that only lights, switches, & smart plugs seem to be included in this 3rd party API.

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I am missing my door sensors. What is different from Home Assistant? HA brings them up.