Where to download icon packs?


Does anyone know any good free websites for Home Automation icon set / packs.

I think I am wanting to go simple, sleek, modern and professional looking for Home Remote.

My Imperihome was quite fussy with lots of different styles and colours of icons.

This was the last tile style and buttons I tried:


Eventually if possible with my skills? I’d like my dashboard to look something like this:


You could look here: thenounproject.com


Anymore ?

Ideally looking for an icon set with matching icons rather than individual icons.



Thanks I will take a look.

I’ve searched before for professional looking dashboard themes and icon sets, but never found any good free or cheap ones.

There are some very nice sets out there, for the likes of Crestron and Control4 but they are hundreds of dollars to buy.

In the mean time for my little Home Remote dashboard currently based on the auto generated “Groups” pages, I’ve created my own icons.

I just need to make some better looking light bulb icons, than what I am using now.

You can download my icons here.

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This is a great topic! In for more!

Sometimes I use a google image search and scour pages of .png’s to find what I like. Hard to find buttons that way but its usually decent to find logos.


@cw-kid will you share your power icons?

Sure I’ll upload them all to my One drive tomorrow and share the link.

Finding one off icons is easy enough.

It’s finding proper icon packs and matching sets thats more difficult.

It’s not difficult if you clicked any one of the links I posted, or that others posted.

I’ve added a download link above.

Think I had power button missing out of that zip file.

I’ve made some more anyway.

Off-Button Off-Button2 Off-Button3 On-Button2 On-Button3

Bill gave me these links so I could create some battery level icons:

Google - Material Design Icons here

Windows - Segoe Font Icons here

Very cool look
I would want something similar

Take a look here this is how my dashboard is currently looking.