Windows 7 installation

Hey guys I tried googling and did a forum search… I’m trying to install the designer on windows 7. I installed Msix Core (msixmgrSetup x64). Nothing recognizes the Home Designer Package any CPU file so I opened it with msixmgr exe but all I get is a the command prompt and it quickly disappears. Am I missing something here? Thanks!

I’m assuming you are trying the .MSIX files found in the “Package Bundle”. If you can’t install “HomeRemote.Designer.Package_4.3.1.0_AnyCPU.msix” you can always extract it & then copy the “HomeRemote.Designer” folder to wherever you like. Then launch “HomeRemote.Designer.exe”.

Yeah the .MSIX file. How do I extract it? I tried running msixmgr.exe with line commands in the command prompt but couldn’t unpack it.

Ok ! I was finally able to unpack the .msixbundle file (It took a little bit to get used to the correct command line) but it unpacked 6 folders named something like this TheHomeRemote.HomeRemoteDesigner_4.3.1.0_neutral_split.scale-100_qzn1nybmgq6et" where there are no exe inside the folders. I will try the command lines again to try to install the package. But only command there is is “AddPackage”


Oh wait I found the executable but now it’s requiring me to install .net framework 4.8. I’ll report back


Ok I got it running with the exe file but it crashes when I open a saved file and crashes when I access the first page I created. Can’t get past the crash to create buttons. I’ll see what support says. Really hope this works cause I don’t have Imperihome ever since I rooted my phone.

Thank you so much for helping!

Copy the entire “HomeRemote.Designer” folder to a different location. It might have issues staying in the original place you extracted it. Move it to for example your root C folder or your desktop. Those MSIX packages are just normal archive/zip files. You can extract them with any archive utility. I use 7-zip but you can also use Windows built-in archive/zip utility.

Right on thank you! I decided to install bootcamp on the macbook. Installed Windows 10 earlier today and have been watching the avstatus tutorials on youtube. Quite a bit of stuff to learn here. Looks very promising.