Yamaha Receiver - Absolute Volume, Scenes, and Mute Toggle

Some Yamaha Receivers (Mine is a Adventage A3050 for example) are a little finicky, and the MusicCast/MediaPlayer commands provided do not allow for control of absolute volume (db in relation to reference volume), the selection of the scenes within the avr, or a simple mute toggle (not too difficult to achieve with On and Off commands, but not a single command either).

This plugin allows for control of those things. It’s not a full plugin for a Yamaha receiver, so you’ll still want the main MusicCast/MediaPlayer device for everything else.

YamahaController.plugin (3.3 KB)


Here is the latest version of the plugin with adjustable volume steps in the default settings.

YamahaController_V1.2.plugin (3.6 KB)

Thanks for uploading the update.