2019 Nvidia Shield Pro

Anyone figure out how to connect to the 2019 Nvidia Shield Pros? I can program my 2015/2017 Shields with standard Kodi commands using http but for some reason I cannot get any commands into the 2019 Pro model. I may have to go the FLIRC route but then I will have to completely program the flirc with new IR codes.

I may have to fish out my Harmony remote hub but I really, really, really don’t want to use that thing.

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Did you ever have any luck with this?

I’m about to setup my Remote, and will be adding a 2019 Shield Pro.

When I used iRule previously, I did go the FLIRC route to control my old 2017 Shield. I’m not even sure I recall where my FLIRC is these days.

I have with the 2015 model but that had Infared.

I set up my 2019 Shield Pro with a FLIRC but found the experience frustrating (both in setting up a ton of codes for the FLIRC to have a working keyboard and in IR control generally). Since I vastly prefer IP control, I was considering a Video Storm IRUSB, which appears to allow for direct IP control of Android devices (without actually utilizing the the IR capabilities):

However, once I discovered Plex HTPC will pass through all of the audio formats and do HDR correctly, I stopped screwing around with the Shield.

@hotelfoxtrotnovember so are you saying that the shield does not correctly pass through all of the audio formats and do HDR correctly? Also can you tell me a bit about your Plex HTPC? I currently use Kodi and OSMC on a Vero 4k which plays all of my various media and audio formats perfectly but I’ve fallen in love with Plex, because it does not have all the little software glitches that Kodi runs into. I just didn’t make the switch because of things like potential issues with audio and video formats. Most of what I watch is 24fps, 4k, HDR, Atmos, HEVC. But if a shield or HTPC can play that, I would consider switching (although I have 5 tv’s so 5 HTPC’s might be a bit much). Also, would you be able to control an HTPC with HR?

@gregkinney sorry for any confusion–the Shield also passes through all the audio formats and HDR, it was just a hassle to control in a smooth way over IR and I didn’t like the interface that much. The Shield is very well known for basically being the only streaming box that can handle all the audio and video formats (possibly not Dolby Vision, but my projector doesn’t support that either, so I don’t care) for Plex, which is why I picked one up initially. It was an experiment to see if I could avoid having to build a new HTPC. I wanted to stick with Plex since everyone in the house was familiar with the interface.

My HTPC isn’t anything special–a spare computer I had with an nVidia … GTX 960, I think, running Windows 10 and Plex HTPC. In my other theater I had an older Intel NUC running Windows 7 and Plex Home Theater (which I personally think had the nicest interface of all of 10-foot Plex incarnations) and a 1080p projector and that served us well for years. Unfortunately, the NUC couldn’t do 4k or HDR, so when we built the new theater I needed new hardware. Plex on a Shield and Plex HTPC on a HTPC can definitely play 24fps, 4k, and HDR and can pass through all the audio formats. There have been a few quirks, but in general we’ve been very happy with it. I believe Plex HTPC requires Windows for HDR–I don’t think HDR works under the linux one yet.

As for controlling the HTPC, that’s why I created my MCE Controller plugin.

Ahhh yes! That amazing MCE controller. I use it for a keyboard for my Roku…guess it slipped my mind that it’s true intention was for controlling PC’s! Thanks for the info. It’s too bad the Shield doesn’t have good IP control.