2nd and 3rd zone on TX-NR818 not recognized

using the home remote app on iOS with multiple receivers like Onkyo TX-nr545, Onkyo TX-NR656 , Yamaha RX-V775 - On all these devices the main and second zone are recognized.
Have now added an additional receiver - Onkyo TX-NR818 and on this device, only the main zone is recognized …
For this last device TX-NR818, the 2nd and 3rd zone are however recognized in the Onkyo Remote3 app so they are recognizable by an app …

Any support absolutely appreciated to get these 2nd and 3rd zone available in your wonderful The home remote app !
Thanks !

The information the app uses to determine availability probably isn’t supported for that particular receiver. It’s most likely too old. If they aren’t detected by the “Onkyo Controller” app they will not be detected by Home Remote either. You may be able to add them manually though if you are using the Designer. Simply copy-paste the main zone & then change the Id to 2 & 3.

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Thanks a lot Bil for your answer!
The “onkyo remote3” app does recognize the 2nd and 3rd zone without any issue, therefore I knew it should be possible.
As you proposed, I have tried the ‘trick’ with the designer (which i was not aware of before) and this is indeed quite simple and does what is needed → 2nd and 3rd zones are available now.
Thanks again Bil - you made my day :+1: