A testament to Home Remote

About two months ago. the owner of Ezlo Innovations, the manufacturer of the Vera Hub reached out to me after seeing a demo of my Home Remote project on there user forum. Since I live local to their corporate offices they invited me in to do a one person focus study on what is important to home automation users and to see if I could help them with some of their design initiatives. I gave an overview of my setup and gave them some input on what I felt was important to users. Just a testament to Home Remote that a well known player in the space took notice.


Well done John getting their attention with your magnificent setupsā€¦ and thanks to Bill for the superb HomeRemoteā€¦ All us iRulers have never looked back.

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This is awesome news John! Thanks for sharing!

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Yes, based on some of their beta releases it looks like they are aiming for an imperihome style tile dashboard but perhaps a bit updated. Nothing from what I can see to support full customization, on the level of Home Remote or iRule.