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Hi Team,

I would like to suggest BNETA IOT devices.

Kind regards,

Hello dear friend Bill how are you ,
Would you please help to create appropriate plugin for a affordable and good products from Arylic company, they produce special and professional network pre amplifire and amplifire , i can share their API and HTTP commands list of their products with you to create plugin here is their API command link : https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0072/6899/1049/files/WIFI_AUDIO_HTTP_API_arylic.pdf?v=1605838383

And here is their official website: www.arylic.com

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Is it possible to add NAD Home Theater receivers and also X Box S consoles and the Nvidia Shield TV device?

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Please add Yeelight and Mi-Home and Robot vacuum cleaner by Andersson

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Hi. Request new device Oppo BluRay Players. UDP-205. Thanks

Please add Dish Network

Brand new here… And I am loving the all in one concept. I have be looking for something like this.

Can you add, Hubspace plugs to the platform?

Thank you.