Adding a new Tile to predesigned Group

I need a bit of direction with adding a new tile to my HR project. I have been modifying the pre installed design that was put in when I added hubitat as a device. Now that I’ve figured out most of the simple things with properties, events and triggers. I would like to add a tile to a preexisting group with a clock control, a label and icon. Can this be done? I did see one post about creating and using a plug-in, would this be a good way to go or is there a simpler way?

Thanks in advance, Dan

A plugin is the best way to do this. You don’t need to worry about writing any code. Just use the default code that is generated when the plugin is added. Then assign your custom XAML files to the TileTemplate property on the device object.

Thanks some much for your help Bill, I’m really enjoying work with this app and designer. One more question, I know I can change the time format but can it be done on the fly with a on click event? That would be cool.


Most properties can be changed on the fly however, I just checked, the Format cannot. That’s something I can update in a future release.

Ok thanks for looking into the question Bill.