Adding Carrier Infinity Touch Device Not Working

I get this error: “Sorry, an error occurred while processing your request.” on the Carrier site.

I know for sure my credentials are correct.

Anyone have this working or is there an issue with Carrier site.

I am seeing the same thing. They sent me a few emails back in October announcing server upgrades & maintenance but they haven’t said when this will happen. This could be related to that. I’ll send them an email & try to figure out what’s going on. I’ll let you know once I hear back.

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Is your Infinity Touch still not working?

Mine actually is working now. However, I do see that error for Bryant Evolution Connex. Both those systems actually use the same code. It’s just different access keys.

Here’s what my Evolution Connex is showing. Is your Infinity Touch showing a similar screen?


Do you know when you created your Carrier account?

I’m working with them now & they said accounts created after December 1 will probably not have access. They should be sending me some new access keys to use so all accounts will work.

I’m also not entirely sure it is all date related either. My Bryant Evolution Connex account was created back in 2017 & that’s having the same issue. Both the Carrier & Bryant systems are using the same API.

I created the account back in 2019 when I upgraded to the Wi-Fi version thermostat. I also see that the Alexa skill for the Infinity Skill is not working either. I think I see post of this issue for over a month and maybe a little more that that.

The Carrier & Bryant integrations should be working again. You’ll need the 3.18.0 update.