Amazon Fire Tablets dedicated to HR

This thread was originally started as a PSA for the Prime Day sale for the Fire tablets. Feel free to discuss anything regarding the fire tablets or comparable devices. Please share anything from photos to configurations. :smiley:

I’m using the following:
Fire HD8
Fire HD10

I’ve been using these with great success as dedicated HR tablets! I have the HD10 wall mounted in my kitchen and have two HD8s that sit on stands in other rooms. Battery life is tremendous even though I modded them to always keep the screen on (no signs of image retention either).

I used table stands like these- Link

These aren’t the exact cables I used, but these cables have magnetic tips that make it much better for picking up and returning to the stand (bonus is the led helps you find the plug in the dark) - Link

For my wall mount tablet I used this plug LINK soldered to a 22awg wire fished down the wall to a plug in the basement. (you need to be good with a soldering iron!) I used double faced tape to hold the tablet up.

Other Notes: These are ad supported tablets. What this means is there are adds at the lock-screen. It could be annoying and I hate amazon as a company for this BS. Since I used adbLink to disable the screen from shutting off, I do not see the lock screen. I see nothing other than HR goodness. The added benefit is these can replace an Alexa device.

Thought I’d share. Feel free to discuss anything (tips/tricks/hacks) about the fire tablets here…

Just a caveat that the cheapest option of these tablets is “ad sponsored”. Meaning it shows advertising on their lock screen. Some people complain ads also play sound and make unlocking slower.

Is there a way to turn off just the backlight so they go totally black without turning off the actual screen…then just a minor touch to bring the backlight back to on?

Out of the box, no. You would have to hack it somehow. I would be really interested in a function like that for a wall hung device in my bedroom/hallway. For everywhere else, I like the display on 24/7.

If the tablet is plugged in all the time you can do something similar but, it doesn’t go completely black. If you enable the “developer options” there is an option to “stay awake” (if it is plugged into power). Now, when the tablet goes to sleep, the screen gets very dim. Tapping the screen will bring it back. If you unplug power, it will go completely asleep and you’ll have to hit the power button then defeat the dreaded lock screen.

Like I said, I keep it on 24/7 and its been on since February w/no issues. I completely disabled sleep by using adbLink (directions here). I keep the brightness just below the halfway mark. The brightness does automatically adjust to the light levels in the room so, I never really need to tweak it. As far as battery on the HD8, it’ll go easily 7-8 hours w/the screen on before its dead.

The Fire tablets are working well for me. I utilize 2 as permanently mounted control panels and one as my main remote “handset”. For the permanent mounted devices, they are on 24/7 and in order to exercise the battery/charging circuit, I plug the Fire power adapter into a programable power plug. Then just configure the plug to be on for so long and off for so long each day (ie. 3 hours on, 5 off, 3 on, 5 off, 3 on, 5 off). Mileage may vary depending on your battery.

With regards to the Ads, if you have had the tablet for a year or so, I have had pretty good luck getting Amazon to “remove” them. Go to Amazon support and “CHAT” with one of their customer support reps. While their terms of service say they will charge you $15, I have yet to be charged.

Why alternate a programmable plug? Device batteries have a limited number of drain / charge cycles. You will get more out of the battery if you leave it fully charged.

Another way to keep the screen on without adblink is to put it into Developer Mode Though you need to tap another item on that page, not the build number (sorry forgot which one, I think there are only 3 though). Once in developer mode you can set the screen never to turn off when plugged in, so for the cases it is always plugged in, it works great without any any other changes.