Android app and graphics glitches


I can’t get this working properly at all. I have created a DataTrigger that makes the background of my border button red when the motion sensor is Tripped / Active.

Some times in the Android app it looks fine as below.

However most other times the red colour is over and on top of everything else and looks like this:

No matter what settings I try to change in the designer I can’t make the problem go away on the Android app.

In the App Emulator in the designer it always looks OK and also on the Windows 10 modern app it always looks OK.

Its also fine on the iPad, so just seems to be a problem on Android.

Any ideas ?


MotionSensorDetails1.xaml (9.8 KB) MotionSensorTile1.xaml (6.2 KB)
ContactSensorDetails1.xaml (11.2 KB) ContactSensorTile1.xaml (6.2 KB)

Are you sure you attached the actual files you are using?

MotionSensorDetails1.xaml has a ToggleSwitch. Your screenshots don’t have a ToggleSwitch.

Your screenshots seem to indicate that your Button (GreyBorder1) is on top of everything else. I’d look at its order in the Outline. The file you attached looks good. It’s at the very back (top=back).

If you intentionally moved that Button to be on top so that the other Labels & Icons don’t block Clicked events, I suggest doing this instead. Move it to the back like it was in the attached file, but uncheck IsHitTestVisible for every control on top of it. That’ll prevent them from blocking the Clicked event.

Sorry for the confusion they were older screen shots and yes I am using the files I attached here.


Post the actual XAML files you are using along with the latest screenshots. Then I’ll take another look.

This I understand and is why I moved the Button (GreyBorder1) to the top of the list, so it was at the back.

Not sure I follow this, if I intentionally moved which button ? The GreyBorder1 or the ToggleSwtich button ?

As I said the files work fine on Windows and iPad. I only see the problem on Android devices.

OK I’ll do new screen shots.

The XAML files I attached to my post here are the same XAML files I am using in my project, I copied them out of the project this morning to post them here.

OK this is from my phone right now. The problem is intermittent btw, some times it looks OK some times it doesn’t and the red colour is covering everything.

The tile looks good in this first screenshot, but some times even with the tiles, the red colour is over the top of everything else.

I then clicked the sensor and I then saw this:

It seems to be the initial first viewing of the details page where the red is over the top.

I then went back to the previous page and then clicked the sensor again and then the second time of viewing it looks OK and good.

Its a strange problem and works sometimes and not others. It does this on all my Android devices including all my tablets so its not just my phone.

I do not have this same problem on the iOS or Windows apps.


This here worries me a little. I’m not sure if it’s causing your issue but you should fix it anyway. A bunch of places you are referencing an empty {Static Resource }. You should be resetting the property, not clearing the StaticResource. That expects an actual resource, not an empty string.

To reset the property click the small black box my arrow is pointing to.

Yeah I figured that, I’ve tried it both ways with the background reset to default which is a No Colour right ? And by just having an empty Static Resource, either way the problem occurs.

I will reset them to default now but it won’t fix the problem.


Were you able to replicate this graphics glich in the Android app?

This is the last big issue I have with Home Remote.

Before I plan to release my demo project and modified xaml tile and detail templates to the Vera community.

Sorry, I haven’t had a chance to work on that yet. I’ll try to do that next week.

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