Android app compatibility


I was hoping to give the Android app a try, however it will not install from the Play Store on my tablet (Galaxy Tab S6 Lite - Android 13) nor my phone (Galaxy S10e - Android 12). On both, I cannot even see the app in the Play Store, and when I attempt to open it from the URL I get “This app isn’t available for your device because it was made for an older version of Android.”

Is this normal for my versions of Android? I suppose I can try the Amazon store but would prefer to stick with Google Play if possible.

Is there any workaround for this? Thanks!

Download and sideload from apkpure

Does anyone know if Home Remote is still available in the Apple app store to install on new devices/users?
In the Android Play Store it seems that this app is not available for new users. On my cell phone, which already has THR installed, it appears in the Play Store, but I tried to install it on my client’s cell phone and the app is not available!!!
On Android devices this problem can be solved by installing it outside the store.
But if the app is not available on the Apple Store it will be a huge problem!!!
@bill I know you’ve been offline for a while, but please give this issue some attention. I have several automation projects in development and all of them will use THR. I’ll be in trouble if I can’t install the app on my clients’ devices. Thanks.

The OP’s issue is due to a policy change by Google regarding apps in the play store that have not been recompiled with a newer version of the SDK (Software Development Kit). It only effects Android.

Apple apps are unaffected.