Android App not receiving data

I made a page with some data received (mqtt) from my solar system and i have some problems.
When i open for the first time my android app, i receive all data from my solar system, but after i switch to different app (for example i navigate on google, or facebook, or something else) and then i switch back to Home remote app to check solar data, i don’t receive any data and is no connection. But if i close the app and then i open a new instance of home remote, i receive the solar data.

And my second question is how to make home remote app to be allways on to my screen (after 5 minutes my screen phone goes off)

Thank you.

Problem is most likely an Android issue. Apps can be put to sleep after a bit when the screen is off.

There is an option to keep the screen on when the device is on AC power. The option is found under the Developer options. You can google your device name and “developer options” to find the instructions on how to enable developer options on your device (its safe to do, its the first thing I do when getting a new Android device). Most devices have you tap the version entry in the about window 8 times rapidly.

Thank you for you reply, but is not the answer i am looking for… I know about developer option and is not good for me. That option is if you use a tablet on the wall and is always powered. I have a phone and is not always connected to charger. Must be something in designer that force the app to keep phone on. (for example, i have a different app netIO that never let the phone to enter in sleep mode).
I have in home designer on main navigation page, IdleDim and IdleTimeout. What these two functions do ?