Android app stop tiles from being moved and vertical dimmer sliders


I’ve just noticed if you long press a tile you can then move it around and change their position. How can I disable this please ?

I’m also having a play around with horizontal dimmer sliders rather than vertical ones, just as a test.

Not sure which tile I like best, what you think?

image image

As is, I couldn’t easily select the slider at all, to move it up and instead the page would scroll up.

I then added my own white dot image and changed the slider settings to display it and make it bigger in size than the original control.


However on my phone I still can’t select the white dot and move the slider up the page scrolls up instead most times or the whole tile starts moving around.

This is how it looks in designer:


Might have to stick to horizontal dimmer sliders.


The long press tile rearrange feature cannot be disabled.

OK thanks, just hope other family members don’t start moving stuff around then.

@cw-kid So the page doesn’t try to scroll if you use horizontal sliders?

I’m adding a few more dimmers into my project. With the additional dimmers, I need to use a ScrollViewer which is new to me. Using vertical sliders, I can no longer move the slider fluidly up/down. Instead, it tries to scroll the page. I can poke at a spot on the slider and the thumb will jump there but, thats no good. :sob:Sounds like this is the same as you. I may have to rethink this if only horizontal sliders work.

The page still scrolls up and down as you’d expect when you want to scroll the page.

But when using horizontal sliders the page doesn’t scroll when you operate those sliders, so it works OK.

I gave up on vertical sliders on tiles for the reason I initially described.

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Thanks for the quick reply!
After playing with it, its possible to move the thumb up and down without scrolling the page but you have to precisely press the exact right spot which is just not feasible. As cw-kid mentioned, even if you make a bigger thumb, it doesn’t help.

Is this problem fixed? I am testing a new tile with a vertical slider to control rollers with horizontal slats, but it is almost impossible to use this control in Android, the finger never gets to drag the slider, it seems to drag the whole tile. The vertical slider control works well in Windows though. This does not happen with the horizontal slider which works well, but it is less intuitive for venetian rollers. Is there any fix or strategy to make it work? Thank you very much.


In a future release, I can probably add a property that allows you to disable tile rearranging (long press). This is not a feature that I would want to disable by default.

Bill, that would be great, thank you very much!

Bill, are you planning to add this property?
Many thanks!

It would be nice to also add a property to change the slider change on release instead of on click so as to avoid moving a shutter right on click and allow to chose the right percentage.
Thanks a lot Bill!