Android Device browser got screwed after update

Hey Bill, Tonight i fired up the home remote app on my android (S20 Ultra) and i can’t see the rest of my layout, it just shows up the first row of my device browser. Yesterday, before the update everything was working perfect.

I uninstalled the app, cleared data and cache and i keep getting the same problem.

The app is working as expected in Windows, iOS and in the designer’s simulator.

I’m attaching screenshots of how it should look and how it actually looks in my android.

Thanks for your time.

Attach an example for me to look at. Please create a trimmed down version if you could.

Hey Bill thanks for replying, it would take me some time to trim down the .hrp file because the way i have it set up is a bit messy :laughing: but after checking what was happening it seems like the problem is in the grid Row deffinitions, if i have 2 rows set as “*” and “Auto” then the content inside the grid will get messed up.

It’s strange because i had it running without any problems for the last couple months. I will try to replicate the issue in a new .hrp. Thanks

You can also try fixing the issue yourself. * will stretch the content. So that’s likely your issue.