Android KitKat 4.4 Support

Your old Android tablets running KitKat 4.4 (if you still have them) are now compatible with the Home Remote. Support for it was added to Home Remote version

I went through the Android code the past couple weeks to make it KitKat compatible. For the most part, all of the features are supported however there is definitely 1 thing that will not work. HTTP/2 is not supported on these older devices. The only Home Remote integration that requires HTTP/2 is Alexa so most other integrations should work fine.

Yes, the Home Remote is now 4.4 compatible but it will probably run better on a newer Android device. If you have the option, choose something newer.

This is great, an old tablet I tried to use a few months ago and was hanging is now working :slight_smile: Thanks Bill.

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Will web browser elements work on Android 4.4.4? I have google calendar set up in a web browser but cant get it to load on Android 4.4.4

Depends on what your trying to view/load. Google Calendar may require a newer OS. First thing Iā€™d do is make sure you have the latest Android System WebView installed. My Galaxy S9 is running version 97.0.4692.87.