Anthem AVR control

Hey Bill and everyone!
I have an Anthem receiver which I can only use via the Logitech harmony. While this does most items - there are a number of functions that are not available - particularly being able to see the actual volume level.
There is a python github page (below) where someone has setup a connection for RS232 and IP but I have no idea how to translate this to xaml etc.
If anyone else is interested in this please vote it up! Or if you are more technically savvy then me (not hard) perhaps you want to take on the challenge?
Either way thanks for reading.

There’s a plug-in that works really well. Which model Anthem do you have?

I made an example you can load to test how it operates on your system. See the link…

Brilliant- thanks very much. I have a mrx1120. I will give this a try!

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So I opened the example then changed the IP address in the device. I also checked the port was 14999 on the Receiver. When I then press the start button the page loads but when clicking on any button it comes back saying that the device actively refused the connection. Not sure what this means?
I thought when I first loaded it - it had input 4 in a blue colour but no longer.
Any thoughts?