App crashes with combination of DeviceBrowser and PageBrowser

I have an issue when I try to run device browser in one grid 50% on left side and page browser 50% on right side. The page browser is using MediaPlayerDetails.xaml but I’ve also replicate with another I tried - MediaControllerDetails.xaml

The issue occurs for me on Android on Lenovo tablet - Android 8.1, Fire HD 8 and mobile Samsung 10+

So if you delete your DeviceBrowser from this page it works?

It’s likely 1 of those controls that is crashing it. Not both. Try deleting one or the other to find exactly which one is causing it.

The page browser causes the issue. It’s fine with just device browser.

If you want to send me your project I can take a look to try & find any errors.

Thanks, I will do some more tests and try a basic project with only a few devices.