App Review Request

Hey guys! I know many of you have already posted reviews in the stores but I have a small ask. Whenever you post reviews, would you please mention the device integrations you are using?

Google Play’s search results are determined in large part by what users are saying in their reviews. The more users, for example, that mention SmartThings in their review, the higher we’ll be in the search results for “SmartThings”. Same goes for any other device you may be using.

The words you choose may not play as big of a role in the other stores but all reviews are helpful. If you could take a minute or 2 to write something that’d be much appreciated. Doesn’t have to be much. A simple review like this would help a lot, “Works great with Hubitat”

Thanks a bunch!

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Morning Bill, As you will soon see, I am at the genesis of the “learning curve” for the home remote. Essentially we have the Vera Plus and want to integrate this within the designer app and assemble pages for our android phones. We have used the Imperihome, simple drag and drop, and we can see the Designer is far reaching.

Can’t seem to get off square one, can’t seem to locate the beginner videos or info for this basic, square one starter course.

Can you point us to any info for “Designer for Dummies” pubs? Just spinning my wheels out here. Once I set up one button, sure I’ll be on my way.

Thanks for your generosity.