App version is too old error

I’m using the Windows Home Remote Pro with Kasa devices. I went into settings and synced my devices with everything updated in the Devices list correctly. Trying to save this new device list generates an error “App version is too old”. The change in devices is for two KL110 smart bulbs I added but I have used these before without any problems so I don’t think they are causing this.

Best I can tell I do have the latest version, any idea what the issue is?


That error message is not generated by Home Remote. It’s forwarding the error from the Kasa/TPLink cloud service. 4.5.1 is the latest Designer version. I just tested my Kasa account & everything linked fine. I’m not sure why you’d be seeing that.

Hey Bill,

Thanks for steering me in the right direction. After you pointed out that the error really came from Kasa I took a closer look at them to see what could cause it. Kasa has upgraded their app in recent weeks and added Two-Step Verification which turned out to be the culprit. With it enabled I get the error and cannot save after resyncing, when disabled all is well.

Also, each time I tried to sync and save with Two-Step enabled Kasa would send me this email:

Previously I wasn’t aware of the email. When turning Two-Step on and off I had to refer to an email for verification and found Kasa had sent quite a few of these warning emails to me.

With Two-Step on Home Remote is not able to be verified and thus the error. I turn off Two-Step and resync my Home Remote apps, then turn Two-Step back on and everything works as it should.