AppleTV support

  1. Implement support for direct connections over TCP/IP
    Current projects that might help:
  1. Implement widget to emulate AppleTV remove (for gestures)

Is this still worthy of consideration? I ended up hiking up a nodejs instance in a docker container on my NAS to act as a bridge between THR and the Apple TV. I’m just using it to change the apps with a single click. Works flawlessly but having one less piece in the chain is always a desirable alternative.

Ok…in the absence of progress / feedback on this, has anyone had a good result implementing something that is close to the scrub feature (i.e. navigating the timeline when the playback is paused)? Creating a fast forward function via a Pressed action doesn’t seem to be working terribly well.

Ended up integrating the remote instead of coding in THR.

I did the same. The only problem is that the THR back button the left upper corner dissapear. You have to close apple remote control, and then open THR

What i did is create a shortcut and am calling it from THR. This overlays the pop-up remote on top of THR, and a click of the home button makes it disappear. Let me know if you want more details.

I also created a short cut button with:
method action

It opens the apple remote (IOS16), but as you see from my picture it covers the whole screen, if I open directly, from control center it looks as i should.
@LJR do you have any other solution. Thanks.

small appleremote
big appleremote

No…that’s similar to my result, too.

To be honest, the only time I need this is 1) when I want to scrub and use the virtual touch pad, and 2) when I need to press the home button to clear the camera pop-up I get from my homekit integration. The rest of the time, I use buttons I created in THR for basic functions (using IR) and quick app launches (using Node Red to send the commands to PyATV and subsequently to the ATV via IP).

I’m sure it’s posible to get a tighter integration. Who knows…perhaps one day after some of the UX and Documentation issues have been squashed).