Attributes for Scenes

Scenes are handled more or less like devices in THR. I can reference them e.g. with @Device.DisplayName.

It would be great if we could define an Attribute for a scene, e.g. a “status” attribute. In that case I could keep track of the status of a scene. Now, I have to do that with plugins and virtual devices.

For example, an advantage would be that I would need fewer pages because I could use “@Device”, which is not possible with the virtual devices. I can’t reference attributes (with “@Device”) of the virtual device on the page that is defined in the Tile- or DetailsTemplate of a scene.

I generally use plugins to create my virtual devices. Plugins don’t necessarily have to use http, tcp, etc. That way you can have attributes just like any standard device object. I rarely use the virtual device variables anymore.

I also often use plugins for virtual devices. I had created a plugin for tracking the status (activated or deactivated) of a scene. So far so good.

I also have a page with a tile for each scene. I wanted to create only one tile (template) for the different scenes, but noticed it can’t be done. I can reference for example the scene display name with @Device.DisplayName. However, I cannot reference @Device.Status, because the Device is the Scene and not the Virtual Device.

So only solution for me was to create a separate Tile for each scene. In case of changes I have to change them all separately.