August bluetooth

Is it possible to add aigust bluetooth support for lock on app works but on hrp only thru hub wifi

I’m not too wild about adding support for any Bluetooth devices. I’d prefer to stick with just standard Wi-Fi & Ethernet control. Perhaps at some point if there was enough interest, then maybe.

Oh, looks like I forgot to actually answer your question:) No, it is not possible to add a Bluetooth controlled lock to Home Remote.

How about incoming rather than outgoing? I would guess that would be easier to implement.

As examples of use cases could you iterate through a list of available devices so you spot if someone gets home with a phone or smart watch and then triggers a scene. An alternative more complicated version would be reading a heart rate variable from a heart rate monitor and using it to trigger a fan. Just getting a list of Bluetooth devices I imagine would be easier than actually getting a value though.

I’m talking about all Bluetooth devices (incoming & outgoing). Like everything, if there’s enough demand or if someone wants to fund the development, it can be looked into.

Actually it was development I was thinking of, in that there is probably very little if it is just presence. I thought of it because my Windows 10 password manager can be unlocked by Bluetooth. It cannot pair. It cannot read. It cannot write. It does nothing but answer a Boolean: is it there - true or false.