Basic EventTrigger help requested


Looking for some very basic help on event triggers and such (and here I thought I had figured it all out).


1 toggle “TestToggle” and 1 button


Toggle has no triggers etc. for this example


The button has 1 EventTrigger with 1 DataAction
Event = Clicked

Data Action:
Binding = Element “TestToggle”/Ischecked
Operator =
Value True
(no conditions)

My expectation is that Pressing the button switches TestToggle on, however it wont work.

Can somebody please set me straight?



Use a PropertyAction instead of a DataAction. I’m not sure if Element selection was never intended to be shown on that particular dialog. Either way, a PropertyAction will get you the result you’re looking for.
PropertyActions.hrp (3.3 KB)

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Thanks - it worked as expected :slight_smile: