Best Budget Tablet for HR Controller

Any suggestions on a cheap, i.e. around $100, tablet? I have a PC setup in my theater so have considered just running the HR Designer on a separate monitor full-time. I like the larger screen rather than having something on my phone. But I may end up running it in multiple places (phone, tablet, and PC). Just curious what most people use for their HR controller. iPads are nice but for me they are just too expensive (I’ve had three and they are all pieces of junk now with blown batteries and unsupported software).

It Prime day ENDING TODAY. You can get the Fire HD10 or HD8 for cheap. There’s a couple annoyances (like ads on the lock screen if you get the add supported version) but very good value specially for starters.

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I would recommend the Fire tablets, there are work arounds that I have used to disable the lockscreen, ads etc. The only downside is that they are a bit underpowered, I have a few pages with a lot of devices on them and the tablet hangs a lot when I open them. Otherwise they are pretty solid for the price

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There is no reason to use designer as an inteface on a pc since there is an app for Windows

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I have so much to learn. Thank you! Bought it.

And thanks for the tips. I was actually able to clean up my ancient iPad. Did a refresh on it with pretty much only Home Remote and a few other essentials. It’s seems to be doing ok for now. The Fire tablets are tempting, especially today with it being Prime day but I think I’ll hold out a while longer. Between the Windows app and my old iPad, I think I should be good.

Thanks again!