Blueiris Plugin

Home Remote Blueiris Plugin Version 1
November 2021
Keith Roberts

The Blueiris.plugin allows you to synchronize with your Blueiris Server to create Home Remote Camera devices which can then be displayed in your app. I’ve tested on both IOS and Android and so far so good. You can add multiple Device instance which reference multiple Blueiris Servers. I’ve added Cameras to a HR Group and displayed them DeviceBrowser; very nice.

Thank you Bill for adding the md5() hash function, it was critical to the plugin functioning.

The plugin requires 4 Settings:

  • Server : Used for creating the HR device name
  • BaseURL : URL to your server, ie:
  • Username : Your Blueiris username
  • Password : Your Blueiris password

Once configured, Synchronize the plugin and all your Blueiris Cameras and Camera Groups will be created. Camera Groups are noted by double underscores in their names.

There are 3 new templates which the Blueiris Device will use

  • BiCameraTile.xaml
  • BiCameraDetails.xaml
  • BiCameraDetailsPTZ.xaml

If the Blueiris Camera is set as PTZ, the Plugin uses the BiCameraDetailsPTZ.xaml which provides Up, Down, Left, Right, Zoom-In, Zoom-Out and 15 presets

The {Server}_Bimgmt device provides the “Log” attribute which allows real time logging to a UI Label in your app.

Blueiris.plugin (16.1 KB)
BICameraDetails.xaml (2.0 KB)
BICameraDetailsPTZ.xaml (15.2 KB)
BICameraTile.xaml (5.1 KB)
Blueiris.hrp (137.9 KB)


I’m not seeing a link for the actual plugin. I am very interested in this and would love to put it to the test.


The Blueiris.hrp file is in the original post; it contains the plugin and templates. I added the plugin code itself too … but you’ll still need the templates in the Blueiris.hrp as well.

Is posting the .hrp file the wrong way to share a plugin?


For some reason, the hrp file is missing the pluggin and the 3 template files. I got the plugin to install and see my cameras, but don’t have the template files. Thanks for sharing! This looks like it could be a great addition to my project!


I reuploaded the Blueiris.hrp … not sure what happened the first time

That worked. Awesome job on the plugin.

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Thanks Jim :slightly_smiling_face: … I’ve seen templates uploaded as discrete .xaml files, but didn’t see out how to export or import them.

Update: I was trying to copy/paste the Template into Notepad, but it didn’t work. Just read about copy and paste to the desktop, and bingo, there’s my Template .xaml file :blush:

It’s my first HR plugin and I had fun figuring it out. Probably some better ways to do some things but wanted to get it out there sooner-than-later. There are other features I’d like to include, like recorded video, and I’m trying to learn how that all plays out with the HR platform.

In the meantime I’m also working on a Volumio plugin with which I can control the player (pause, play, volume), but still looking at how to select the input source and specific audio track (pandora, music library, etc…). It’s all an education.


This looks awesome! However, I am running into an issue that I hope either you or someone can help me with. This is the error message.
Connection Failed * Error while copying content to a stream.

Any thoguths?


Hey Matt,

I never encountered that error. Is this running in the simulator, or IOS/Android? Which version of the Designer?

Are you able to access your Blue Iris system from your server webpage? That’s essentially the same API this THR plugin is using.

I tested against 3 BI servers (two version 5 and a v4). I’ve not run this plugin for a while (been working on a HomeSeer Pentair ScreenLogic plugin) … but I’ll poke around and see if something has changed.

I found this thread in the forum though. /keith

@Keith_Roberts The issue was the Designer version. the Microsoft store has an older version… Sorry for wasting your time! Thanks for the help!!

Oh, that’s great news! NP. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: