Blueprint Interface

Hello, Community!

One of my clients has an old automation system that I could customize the interface. This brand no longer existis and now I work with Fibaro or Tuya.

Does someone know if it is possible to make the interface like the images below with Home Remote?

Lights Interface: Turns on/off when you click on the light or opens a slider bar for dimmers

Certainly possible. There’s other softwares to create 3D renders but an easy one to work with is Sweet Home 3D. You can create fairly detailed (furniture/decore) images or keep it simple. You create your 3D rendering and import the images into The Home Remote

Check these out. Both created with Sweet Home 3D. If you find another software to create these floor plans, I’d be interested to hear!.

I should add… if you can obtain the 3D renders from your clients existing system, your already halfway done!