BrilliantSmart connector

Please make a BrilliantSmart connection possible for my devices

BriiliantSmart is just re-branded Tuya devices. You should be able to use the Tuya Smart app to control them and link to THR through the Tuya integration. Or possibly link directly to the BrilliantSmart app.

i’m aware BrilliantSmart is re-branded Tuya. When I connect to Tuya IOT with my existing BrilliantSmart account I can see al devices and scenes in Tuya IOT. But when I connect with the same account with THR I get a warning about wrong account/pw and token.
I also tried to change password without success.

Finanly I checked the connection again with a brand new Tuya account that I greated for test purpose in Tuya app and then I managed to connect.

The only problem is that I cannot re-integrate al my devices and routines to that new account because its too much work and I will lose other integrations like IFTTT. BrilliantSmart supports IFTTT and Tuya doesn’t.

Is there a way to solve this within my existing account ?

I am not sure, you seem to be right on it. Other than moving everything to the Tuya app, but then you lose IFTTT as you have mentioned.