Broadlink Hubitat

I use my broadlink RM3 to controll my Daikin AC. Broadlink is connected with Hubitat. On Hubitat I can use it. But when I connected Hubitat with Home Remote, Broadlink couldn’t be used. Can anyone help me how broadlink works with the Home Remote?

Here you go. You will need the Designer to configure these commands.

Thank you for the help, I have made it. But can air conditioners be made simpler without having to have a lot of pages? How do I navigate the page for the last opened?

Use the Home Remote’s templating features. Instead of fixed device specific references in your XAML pages use @Device. Then link the templated @Device page to a PageBrowser. You will use the PageBrowser’s Page & Device properties to select your templated page & specific device.

Hi Bill
Thanks for your help.