Broadlink Support

Broadlink devices can be reached in Fibaro system. There is a quickApp that recignoizes all the Broaldink hubs in your network, and you can create a QuickApp that will send commands to Broadlink.
That QuickApp has a possibility to learn actual IR/RF commands and upon a button press you can send a command to broadlink to send that re-learnt IR/RF code. It works for me with many devices. I have all of them in HR as well, since they are devices of Fibaro already.
All of them i can use in scenes, or wherever i just want. Working rellay well.
All the devices also stayes in the original Broadlink hub, so there’s nothing to change. All of them are reachable by Google Assistant, or Siri or Alexa if you want.

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Hi folks,
when I read along here, my heart bleeds for not having paid much attention to advertising our IR/RF transmitter. It works similarly to the GlobalCache devices, but supports many more IR formats and also RF433/315 MHz. The firmware has an open API interface to which HTTP requests can be sent.
Example IR Command for LG TV to toggle ON/OFF:
The GlobalCache codes can also be sent, just omit the initial code “senddir,1:1,40000,1,1,” and you have the RAW code.
This is then sent with http://device_IP/sendIR?n=1&l=2&f=38&code={GlobalCache RawCode}
I would be happy if someone can use such a device (I would provide the boards at cost price or the board layout and the firmware for free), can contact me here. The device works locally in the WiFi network (2.4GHz)
The documentation for the device can be found here in GoogleDocs:

Pictures and further information can be found here: BEAM documentation / news

I would like to clarify again - this device is not for sale, it is only to be made available to the THR community.