Button & Global Caché sluggishness

I am using global caché Itach to control my AppleTV with the “official” AppleTV code set but the keystroke speed is very slow (at least 3 times slower that an IR remote directly controlling the AppleTV with separate keystrokes ) and the button repeat option is not faster (I have more than 1 sec between repeats regardless of the button repeat value I set).

I have the same poor performances controlling other IR devices (STBs) with Global Caché IR codes grabbed from the STB IR Remote Control through the iTach device with the iLearn application.

Is that the best possible performances or is their a way to improve it?

I have multiple GC’s without issue. However, it’s possible that one man’s “sluggish” could be another man’s “it’s fine”.

So let’s get specific. What would you guess the lag would be between button press and the action happening? Less or more than 1 second?

With more accurate measurements I have 800ms between consecutive actions happening after consecutive button press. I have the same 800ms in autorepeat mode between consecutive actions.

Using the real IR remote control I measure a minimum of 300ms between consecutive actions happening after consecutive button press.

The STB detects the real RC autorepeat mode and in 10 sec I could scroll through a list of 200 channels versus on only 12 channels with HomeRemote

Ok yes, I have the same experience. I set my repeat interval in HR at 1ms but it’s 10x faster with an IR remote. If I’m just pressing single buttons, like up, left, menu, etc, it’s about the same. But regarding the repeat functionality, I have similar performance as you.

My thoughts would be the technology itself. In one scenario, you’re pointing the remote straight at the IR sensor. In the other scenario, you’re sending a request with a phone or tablet to the GC, then the GC converts that to IR and sends the request to the device. @bill what are your thoughts?

I will look into it. I’m not sure right now what would cause that behavior.

I have tested the same global caché Itach setup with node red and I measure 350ms between two consecutive actions

I will try & look into it next week. I don’t think I’m going to have time to work on it this week.

No problem. I am use to it and I could wait.

There were some significant changes in this week’s 4.1.3 release to help improve performance. For my Global Cache Flex WiFi, I’ve gotten it down to 330 ms with my Volume Repeat buttons.

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Thanks for the update @bill ! It’s so responsive I had to increase my repeat interval. Now it’s as responsive as the original remote.

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Yes it does improve a lot the responsiveness.

Many thanks for that

I have noticed a strange behavior with the appleTV when I navigate an horizontal movie list. The directionRight keeps scrolling at the same speed regardless how long I press it but the directionLeft will increase dramatically the scrolling speed after 2 or 3 secondes as if an autorepeat mode kicks in.

I am using Global Caché appleTV codes and the same repeat interval on the HR side.

I assume that this is more related to appleTV behavior than to HR ?

The Home Remote is not accelerating the speed after 3 seconds. It should be the same speed throughout for every command. My guess is that it is the Apple TV that’s doing it.