Button Having to Press Twice to Activate

I have created many pages with standard “Buttons” set to “Toggle” to load pages into the page browser and turn on/off lighting which is all working excellent. I may have used the wrong control but I am having to press the button twice for it to operate? Any suggestions are appreciated.

Edit: To clarify the buttons I have to click twice are the ones that load pages, the ones controlling lighting are click for on then click for off. Not sure if this is the best way however under the Event Trigger I added a delay action of 60, then a property action to uncheck the button. All appears to be working great. Any advice if this is the best way or other ways are more efficient?

It sounds like you haven’t configured the DataTriggers. Setting up a standard button as a Toggle is no different than setting up a ToggleSwitch. You need 2 DataTriggers, 1 that sets the IsChecked property to True & another that sets it to False. In most cases you’ll be using the same Attribute/Value pair you are using in the EventTriggers.

If you haven’t already, watch Brian’s “Data Triggers and Toggle Switches” video. He gives an excellent overview on how to set up toggles.