Button issue when spanning multiple columns/rows

I have observed the following issue with regards to buttons:

Take an example with a 3 x 6 grid with various texts and bound values showing in the cells.

I would like to make the whole grid area clickable to a single destination, so I added a button with no text that spans all the rows and columns of the grid and triggers an action. I made sure to “Bring to Front” this button (making it show last in the element tree).

What I am observing is that for Windows/PC deployment, the full area responds to clicking and triggers the desired action as expected, however for Iphone only the left approx. 1/3 rd of the button area responds.

Is there any way to fix this?

Could you share your HRP file by first removing any sensitive information (hostnames, IP addresses, etc.) I have seen this manifest before where the column/row count is being driven by 1 of your elements referencing a column/row which does not exist.

Sorry for the delayed reply - in the mean time I deleted and recreated the grid with objects and it is working, so most likely your diagnosis was correct - thanks!