Camera Motion Unlock IOS

I’ve been using THR on an iPad just inside my front door for a while now and it’s great. I have the iPad set in ‘Guided Access’ mode locked on the app. In guided access mode any notification will wake the display and unlock to the HR app so I have a motion sensor mounted above the iPad linked with SmartLife. When the motion sensor is triggered it sends an alarm notification to the iPad via SmartLife which then wakes and unlocks the display. The issue with this is the time taken to wake the display. Would it be possible to add a background service that would monitor the front camera for changes then send a notification the same device if it detects the image change? I’ve been trying this with various motion detector / camera / baby monitor / anti-theft apps but all of them require two separate devices, one being the camera and one being the viewer. None work as a standalone on the one device. I’m a complete novice with IOS so apologies if this just isn’t possible.