Can MediaElement be used to play a video?

Hi… I have just incorporated Bills ‘screensaver’ plugin which cycles between static images as a screensaver… but i want to play a video instead… can Media Element be used to play a local video (MP4)?

if so, is it as simple as uploading a video into the images folder and pointing MediaElement source at it ?

(I mean, obviously its not that simple because I tried it ans it didn;t work… :-))


I’ll answer my own question :slight_smile:
YES it does work… you just have to point the MediaElement Source to "Images/

I’ve now successsfully manages to have a video run as the screensaver… its a looping video of an asteroid field… kinda cool :slight_smile:

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Sounds cool. Care to share your HRP? (strip out anything you don’t care to share, of course.) :slight_smile:

wow! awesome! I just played with this and it works well! IdleEvents and video playback… doesn’t get much better as a screensaver. @Martyn_Barnett :+1:

@bill is there anyway (or could it even be possible) for a MediaElement to support transparent .GIF’s? I just gave it a try. It plays but, does not loop and its not transparent (makes a black background). My guess is no but, doesn’t hurt to ask. I’m sure you know where I’m trying to go with this :grin:

Can you post an example HRP file for us :grinning:

Yes, this works really well… I have got a screensaver kicking in and playing a asteroid field video on loop like this…

My next steps are to merge this with Bills update to the Screensver Plug to allow images with transparent background to cycle around the display in front of the asteroid field so I can show that this is the Home Automation Controller… (but when time allows :slight_smile:

I’ll attach my HRP

here’s my HRP

IdleEvents w_video test.hrp (1.5 MB)

Try that. I honestly did not test it so me know…

It was difficult to find a video that wasn’t too large but this site helped to compress it down. Link

Thanks @Jdamore it’s perfectly working. :grinning: