Cannot turn on TV and AV Amp!

Hey guys nice app you have created…

Some issues:

I added my TV (Samsung Q85R 2019) and a Stereo Receiver (ONKYO TX-8270).

It could be nice if i could turn on the devices within your app…

My Tv can be turned off but not turned on…This is possible via the smart things application on my phone…or a WOL app.

My receiver can be turned on via another app called OnkRemote.

Thanks in advance!

I’ll assume you are using the designer - rather than just trying to add things in from your device.

With Onkyo there is likely 2 ways to control power.
There is the @Device.Switch On/Off
or there is the @Device.MediaControl PowerOn/PowerOff
it just depends on what capabilities your device supports.


I’m not sure on the Samsung integration because I haven’t personally used one. Someone else will probably chime in with more information.

My reply will assume you are using the apps only & not the designer.

For a SmartThings connected Samsung TV, try clicking the toggle switch on the tile. The power button on the larger details page definitely will not work but the toggle seen on screenshot below might, so give that a try. Control of a Samsung TV through the SmartThings API is fairly limited. There probably needs to be a plugin or an official integration added for this that talks directly to the TV & bypasses SmartThings.

I’m surprised you are having problems turning on your Onkyo receiver. Make sure you are using the official Onkyo integration & not controlling it from the UPnP device or SmartThings. When you add the device, click the Onkyo button on the ‘Add a Device’ menu.