Can't connect to Fibaro hc3 any more

Hello everyone, i’m just a newbie to homeremote so be patient. I lurked a lot but noticed that there’s no much documentation about fibaro hc3.
After a few days of test, i started working on a new dashboard for a lot of zwave devices in fibaro hc3 .
Suddenly i can’t connect to hc3 anymore and i receive en error message

Any hint?

Any way to log errors?. I’m searching a log files on designer app with no luck…
tnx in advance

Can you email or message me the JSON from the URL below? My email is

I’m not 100% certain I’ll have time to look at it today, but definitely tomorrow I’ll have an answer for you.

thanks, i just emailed you the infos.

Thanks for the data. I have found & fixed the issue on my development machine. I may try to push out a patch tomorrow. Or I might also just wait until the end of the week so I can include a few other updates I’m currently working on. Which platforms do you primarily use? Android, iOS, or Windows?

I tried to reply immediatly by mail, but today i received a warning that it was bounced.
Ok i’ll wait the new release ( hope soon) and let you know if everything is ok


Yeah, it’ll be later today. I’ve just got a few other things I’m finishing up for the release.

Designer version with the fix has been uploaded to the website. You can download it now.

The updates have been submitted to the stores as well but they’re still awaiting review. I expect in a few hours you’ll be able to download the Android update. iOS might be a little longer.

android app updated and working so the designer app. Thanks