Caseta Hub requirements for The Home Remote

I’m looking at both THR and Caseta. I’m wondering how much it matters which version of the Caseta hub one gets when using THR to control it?

The Caseta would basically be controlling lights in only one room (a theater). Probably 10-12 lights on 3-5 dimmers. That’s it. Would I need the pro hub?

I have the Caseta Pro Bridge so I can’t comment to much on the non Pro but, both work with THR, so you do not need* the pro bridge. THR has two options to integrate Lutron Caseta…

  1. Lutron Caseta & RA2 Select - This allows for cloud control. @bill does this do local control too?
    2.Lutron Integration Protocol (telnet) - This is for local control only and requires the pro bridge.

The Pro version allows for local control natively. That’s the only difference. It comes in handy when integrating smart hubs and it has lightning fast reaction time (I believe Lutron targets 300ms or faster).

I have the pro version integrated to Home Assistant and I was able to use a Pico remote to control non Lutron devices like window shades and Hue bulbs. Without the pro version, this is not possible with all smart hubs. Whether you need the pro bridge depends if you would like to open the possibilities with smart hubs.

Actually, Lutron Caseta & RA2 Select is now only local control as well. Neither of the integrations currently support cloud access. That changed back in 2020 in version 3.4.0

I stand corrected. Thanks!

What is the benefit of one integration over the other?

They should work about the same. The Caseta one will be easier to use & get & running. It will synchronize & automatically create objects for all of your devices. The Telnet one is more of a manual process.

Coming back to this now as I finally have lights installed in my room.

I have the dimmers and scenes setup on the Lutron app with the hub.

My question is, how do I control the scenes?

I’m unclear on which binding to use and what values I can set them to.

There are about 10 different ones. Most I can deduce by what they’re called that they’re not what I need (ex. Name, Type, Icon).

I’ve been looking for information somewhere, but haven’t been able to find anything.

I guess I figured this out.

I needed to use the .Scene binding. That was my best guess, but had no clue what value it was supposed to be as On/Off didn’t work.

I found some other question here on a different lighting system someone mentioned using “Start.” That was what I needed.