Ceiling Fan Control via Lutron Casetta Bridge

Not sure of its an issue or jsut a feature that hasn’t been added…

I got your app a few days ago for my PC and linked it to my Lutron Caseta Bridge. It pulled in most of my devices, but didn’t recognize my 2 Ceiling fan controllers. They are both Lutron Caseta brand and work fine via my Lutron phone app, but your PC app can’t see them I guess.

Any info would be appreciated.

Other than this minor issue I like your app.


The current version only supports Caseta light switches, dimmers, shades, & scenes. I never had a Lutron connected fan to test so I’m not sure how those are controlled & monitored for status changes. I myself have only got a single dimmer & a Pico of theirs. Shade support was added about a year ago when another user gave me temporary access to his setup. If you’re open to the possibility of giving me temporary access to your Lutron system I could add support. I’d probably only need access to it for an hour or 2, during which I will be turning it on/off a few times. Or you could buy me 1 if you like that option better. Most usually opt for temporary access.