Change binding on multiple buttons at the same time

I have a page with a LOT of buttons. A Roku full keyboard with all special characters and upper and lower case. Maybe 80 buttons, originally posted by another user here.

I think I originally manually configured every button with my Roku binding. But now I want to use it for another Roku with its own binding - how can I multi-select and update the bindings on all of the buttons with manually hitting every one of them?

And I have two types of remotes, so I would end up having to do it a second time and it would be too much hassle.

If you used templating with @Device you don’t have to do anything. Just assign the existing template to your new Roku. The new @Device option makes it very easy to share XAML files with other devices.

Settiing up a page browser would allow you to switch back and forth between the two from a single interface.

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Love the power of The Home Remote Bill, but hate the difficulty. Is there a tutorial on how to use @Device?

Bill can give you some great direction on @Device. I don’t use that or PageBrowser. I found it was better for my situation to create separate pages. For my designs, I like to do whatever is the most efficient, even if it’s not the sexiest approach. I agree with you that HR can be difficult and also time consuming, but you can bring it back to quick and easy with copy/paste. Here’s how I can handle your situation in about 30 seconds.

Thank you! Editing the XAML makes a lot of sense and is saving me time as I re-do sections of my remote-

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