Change Font of Digital Clock

Is it possible to use custom fonts on the digital clock or other elements in the designer? I’m fairly new to The Home Remote, but loving it so far!

Depends. Each ContentPage has a FontFamily property that can be used override the default font. However, the value you supply has to be an available system font. You cannot embed the custom OTF or TTF files in your project. Nor can you specify a web font.

On Android this leaves you with very few options. You really only have 4 options: Droid Sans, Droid Serif, Droid Sans Mono, & Roboto. Roboto is the default.

On iOS there are quite a few different system fonts. You can go through the list here:

On Windows you can use just about any font. Just install it to the Windows->Fonts folder with the rest of your fonts.

Thanks Bill! I’ll check it out.