Change MainPage

I want the app to open my custom “main page” instead of the stock MainPage on start. How do I do that?

Edit. Found a solution. Added a virtual device to the Home group, changed the tile so that when it is loaded the app opens my page. It works, but maybe there is a better way?

Edit 2. It worked in the designer but not in the app. It crashes on start. :neutral_face:

The 1st page you see in the app is the 1st item in the main page’s navigation menu. Set IsGroupsVisible to False if you’d like your custom page to be the 1st one shown. Then add a MenuItem for it to MainPage.xaml.

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Hi Bill !
Is it possible to change background of the slider page (with navigation menu)?
Currently it seems to be possible only to choose between white or black background.
I would like to put a background image on it.
Thank you

Yes. By slider page I presume you are talking about DimmerDetails.xaml. To change the BackgroundImage of that page, open it & select the root element, the ContentPage. Then use the BackgroundImage dropdown in the Properties pane to select your image.

No Bill, sorry. I mean the main page wich has The Home Remote logo.

I see. Background images cannot be added to that menu. The menu on iOS & Windows 10 uses a semi-transparent blur which I really like. I myself am not too wild about that solid white/black background on Android either.

The frosted-blur background was added to Android in the latest 4.2.3 release.

Here’s a screenshot showing the new menu.

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Is there anyway to get the same background on a tile?

There is not. The blurred background is only supported in the slide out menu.